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We have been hard at work coming up with new benefits and resources to help your windward business. 

Check out our new benefits for 2015!

Member Benefits                                    Join Now!

  • General Membership Luncheons
  • Mixers at Member Businesses
  • Advertising Rack at the Visitor's Center.
  • Discounts at participating member business.
  • Listing on the KCOC website, Kailua's #1 business directory

  • Ability to add and edit your own online listing
  • Forum section to offer specials to the community
  • Members only media and communication kits to help grow your business
  • Members only forum support from other members and the KCOC
  • Social Media Support
  • Seminars and Workshops for small businesses

Marketing Opportunities

Add visibility and credibility to your organization by participating in the many marketing opportunities offered by the Chamber.  Here is a summary of how we can help your business flourish.

Visitor Center

Our Visitors Center is in central Kailua  and  has hundreds of walk-ins per month.  It is staffed five days a week by volunteers and  is intended to serve both visitors and residents of the Kailua community.  The wall rack features member brochures and rack cards which are free to members.  Priority business referrals will be made to businesses featured on the racks.  The rack offers opportunities to showcase your business in the visitor's center. Only KCOC Members can rent rack space on the Kailua Chamber of Commerce - Kailua Information Center wall.  The walls are made from stat board siding and your rack space is a plexi-glass holder than can hold tri-fold brochures (8-1/2x3-3/4) and full page (8-1/2x11) racks.

To add value to your Kailua Chamber of Commerce membership, your annual dues will include a Tri-Fold (8-1/2x3-3/4) space in the Kailua Information Center.  You may upgrade to the 8-1/2 x 11 racks pace for an additional fee of $50 and/or one additional Tri-Fold (8-1/2x3-3/4) rack for an additional $35.  If you do not have a brochure here is a template for you to create and print your own.  You can also check the business directory to find members who offer printing and graphic design services.

Electronic Marketing, website and advertising

The Chamber’s new Web site is SEO friendly and each page is optimized to drive more traffic.  Our webmaster, also, is doing regular link building which increases traffic and ranking.  The site also has numerous links to member businesses which can help a members website ranking especially those who link back which is called reciprocal linking and can also benefit a members website.  

The advertising opportunities expose your business to thousands of visitors to the site each year.  Each individual page provides different opportunities, so there is a perfect place for your company to get exposure.  The profiles are set up to be controlled by  members which also allows you to regularly offer the public specials.  Advertising space will be available to members and the public soon.

Social Media

This year the Chamber was fortunate enough to receive members who specialize in interactive marketing and social media.  The Chamber is now utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Craigslist to publicize events and members.  As a member, we can help promote your business and events to our targeted followers.


Relocation Kit  This page contains information for businesses and individuals considering moving to Kailua. As a member we can add you to this kit.


Joining the KCOC is a way to be involved in your community and to network with other businesses who may have need for your services.  Every month we get together for either a general membership luncheons, Mid Pacific Country Club, or mixers at a members business.  We have a lot of fun, get to meet others in the community and sometimes get free product and food to try!

If you are thinking about joining and you want to attend a meeting, as a guest, contact Erin at erin@kailuachamber.com for more information or CLICK HERE TO SEE Membership rates or to JOIN NOW

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