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The Kailua Urban Design Task Force was created by the Kailua Chamber of Commerce in 1994 at the suggestion of a Mayor Frank Fasi task force studying improvements for the Kailua ahupua'a (land area from the tip of the mountains down to the seaside). The first group meetings were in January 1995 at the Boetcher Estate on Kailua Bay, and the KUDTF has been busy ever since. The main purview is the Central Business District (CBD) of Kailua Town, to help the businesses with Architectural Guidelines and improvements for all property owners as well as for the public.  Suggested Urban Design Guidelines were published in 1997 and updated in 2008, and are contained in this website.

Architectural Characteristics        
Kailua is a special place, unique in its physical as well as social setting. Although Kailua's natural environment and surroundings differentiate itself from other parts of the island, its built environment and architectural characteristics contribute to its distinction from other neighborhoods. Building forms, colors, and general structures all contribute to producing an environment that is altogether Kailua.  The various neighborhoods within Kailua each display different architectural styles and designs that are unique to the neighborhood.

The Kailua Urban Design Force official website contains interesting information on current and past town projects, the history of Kailua's design, plans for the future and the inspiration and history behind some of Kailua's past and present design elements. 

kudtf guidelines.pdf

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This buy local campaign is to support our local businesses through education, marketing, innovation & community awareness.  Bringing one of our reusable bags or discount cards to participating merchants gets you exclusive savings at your favorite windward businesses. 
By shopping Local, you are helping your community in more ways than you can imagine!
When we support our local businesses; we not only strengthen and preserve our community but we are investing in our future.  Windward sustainability offers an opportunity for our community to prosper for generations.

Please go to our website and add your business to the program, or read about how buying local can help our community go to
For Kailua merchants:
For Kaneohe merchants:
For Waimanalo merchants:

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Light up Kailua

For years, Castle has been hosting the Kailua Christmas Tree Lighting event that has grown to host close to 1200 people.   

This past year, Castle Medical Center and the Kailua Chamber of Commerce has partnered with several community businesses to ensure that we continue to bring our community together for this traditional holiday event and happy occasion. 

Our partners include Ameron Hawaii, Harold K. Castle Foundation, Kaneohe Ranch, First Hawaiian Bank and Starbuck’s Kailua.


CLICK HERE to visit kailua urban design taks force!

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